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My Positive Thoughts for Your Day

  1. “You will hear often ‘follow your heart’ but that advice is foolish if the heart has not been trained in what is right, wrong or advantageous.”

2. “Friends are like fine wine.  They are better for you over time and require a bit of nurturing.  Stay close to those you love and give more than you expect to get.”

3. “Some people are ugly inside because they choose to see the worse in everything and everyone.  If in your center of influence, they can rob you of needed joy and quality companionship.  Its an area of caution and discernment for all.”

4. “Everyone makes mistakes, and some of them are serious.  Being sorry about them is appropriate or we cannot get better.  However, if we allow these failings to dominate us today, we get eaten alive by yesterday.”

5. “An upbringing of pain and abuse is no less than terrible.  However, when the right ingredients are in place to help us move forward, we can thrive today regardless of yesterday.”