This website is about information. It is designed to point you in the right direction for arranging care and for developing care delivery operations. It is a resource for consumers, discharge planners, entrepreneurs and others.

I should tell you I enjoy traveling the world helping innovators enter the realm of care or to expand their current operations. My work extends to assisted living and adult day care programs. I also have extensive experience in private duty home care – from business development to designing plans of care and executing services with reliability and accountability with quality reporting.

As a health care marketer I supervise a team dedicated to assisting providers with effective, dignified, targeted marketing for their care oriented businesses. I do not serve businesses not involved in care delivery or care management. I am not some former automobile marketer deciding to take a stab at care. As a clinician and care delivery company owner, I know what works and what does not from experience, not theory designed to attract business for the sake of growth alone.

My team and I are researchers, database marketers and strategic planners. We approach every item with determination and dedication as an indication of our commitment to make things work for our clients.